9 Ways to Integrate Prayer in Your Fundraising

9 Ways to Integrate Prayer in Your FundraisingEvery step in our fundraising planning and execution has to be bathed in prayer. If this is the Lord’s ministry, then it’s important that we consult with Him—regarding our need for funds, and to praise him for the successes we experience.

Let’s think through some of the many ways prayer needs to intersect with your fundraising.

  1. As You Build Your Prospect List
    Pray that the Lord will go before you, quickening and preparing the hearts of your prospects, as we set out to make the connection with those who may become part of your team.
  2. As You Call to Set Up Appointments
    You will find it natural to pray as you set out to make calls. Your nervousness or fear will drive you to seek help from above.
  3. As You Conduct the Visit
    I love the story of Nehemiah. It must have taken great courage for Nehemiah to share his vision for the rebuilding of Jerusalem. Like Nehemiah, there will be countless occasions when you will be plain scared when confronted with an issue or a question. Do like Nehemiah. Stop and pray, right then and there.
  4. As You Speak and Share in Public Meetings
    Ask God to help you be discerning about when and where to present your ministry in public. You will pray before, during, and after these public presentations of your ministry. Acknowledge that God is the one who will prompt listeners to become supporters of your work, and trust him for the outcome.
  5. As You Experience Disappointment
    In a perfect world 100 percent of the people you call would not only give you an appointment but would also make a financial commitment. That is not going to happen. At times of discouragement, turn back in prayer, asking for God’s continued direction.
  6. As You Celebrate
    Every time you conduct a successful donor appointment, every time you receive a positive response, every time you accept a generous gift, take the time to stop and pray and give God the glory.
  7. As You Minister to Your Donors
    Your donors’ lives are like yours, filled with ups and downs. They have their own problems and heartaches. Your prayer on their behalf is essential.
  8. As You Travel
    Your fundraising will involve some travel, whether the distances are short or long. For some, travel means going thousands of miles by car and by air. So pray for safe passage.
  9. As You Drop the Ball
    There are going to be times when you find yourself regretting your own failures. Maybe you will fail to put in the effort in raising funds, or maybe you will neglect to thank your supporters. These times also call for prayer. Talk to your heavenly Father and confess your shortcomings.

Prayer is so vital and needs to be part of the DNA of a fund raiser. May the Lord bless your efforts.

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