Enhance Your Fundraising Skills in 2015

Enhance Your Fundraising SkillsAs you start a new year I want to offer 3 suggestions to enhance your fund raising skills in 2015.

Here are 3 books that will make you an even better fund raiser:

I am fully convinced that if we are to be successful in raising funds your focus has to be on your prospect and donors. That all begins by listening to others. Perceiving their interests, their concerns, their passions. How much do you really know about your prospects and donors? I would venture to say that we are more concerned about our ministry, our needs, and our finances. Listening is not easy. It requires great discipline and yes practice.

2015 can be a far greater for you and your ministry if you cultivate the art of listening.

The following read can focus on making you a better listener.
Listening to Others, by Joyce Huggett

As we raise funds we need to present ourselves and our ministry with confidence. We are not beggars. We need not give the impression that we are embarrassed to ask for funds. No, we are on a mission, a great commission.

The following read can focus on confidence.
Speak Up With Confidence, by Jack Valenti

People Raising revolves around people and specifically building relationships with people. If you cannot build those relationships you will never be fully funded.

The following read can focus on relationship building.
Never Eat Alone, by Keith Ferrazzi

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