5 Donor Trends

5 Donor TrendsAs you review the actual giving of each of your donors, you will notice 5 trends.

  1. A donor is giving exactly what they promised.
  2. A donor increased his or her pledge.
  3. A donor stopped giving.
  4. A donor decreased his or her giving.
  5. A donor gave a special gift beyond his or her pledged gift.

Every action on a donor’s part requires an action on your part.

When pledged donors are giving exactly what they promised, make sure they are thanked and not forgotten or neglected.

When pledged donors increase their support, thank them. The donor who is excited because he is giving more will be waiting for your response of gratitude. If you fail to acknowledge that increase, it takes away the joy the donor has in giving more.

When a pledged donor stops giving or decreases the amount of his pledged gift, call that person to discover why.

In our conferences I always remind fund raisers that I am not here only to teach you how to get your funds but to keep your funds. Monitoring these 5 trends is critical.

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