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People Raising - A Practical Guide to Raising Funds (new and expanded edition for 2012)We’re pleased to announce that the new and expanded edition of the popular book, People Raising – A Practical Guide to Raising Funds, is now available and in stock!

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New Content in the Expanded Edition

Confronting the Fear Factor
You all too well know, whether beginning your fund raising experience or a long time veteran, that fear can paralyze you. This is an excellent chapter that will give you a great overview.

It’s Really Not About You
Where you focus your fundraising effort is the key. That focus should be on your prospects and donors who you are giving the opportunity to be engaged in the Lord’s work. This chapter will transform your thinking process.

Getting the Word Out (the use of social media)
When it comes to communicating our vision and raising needed funds we live in an age of expanded use of technology. As fundraisers we need to use those means of communication to connect with prospects and donors in the fund raising process.

Mastering Six Critical Skills
In the first part of the book we focus on establishing a positive attitude toward fundraising recognizing that indeed it’s biblical. But beyond that are a set of skills that are crucial to your success. Mastering these skills will put you on a fast track as you raise funds.

A Donor’s Perspective on Fund Raising
As we meet with prospects and donors wouldn’t it be interesting to know what goes on in their mind as they are approached for funds? You have this unique opportunity to sit with me as I interview a major donor. You don’t want to miss this!

Coaching Can Make the Difference
Grasping the People Raising strategy is one thing but executing it is another. In this chapter I talk about what is involved in coaching. Whether a coach or simply a person raising funds there is so much that you will pick up in this new and valuable section.

What They’re Saying About the New People Raising Book

“This is without question one of the most important missionary books ever written. We have end books on the challenge to go and we need them…but here is one that can really show you how to do it. American and other missionaries are needed as much as ever. But the cost is going up. We need to combine prayer, faith and the practical wisdom found in this great book.”

Dr George Verwer, Founder and Former Director, Operation Mobilisation

“People Raising is a practical guide to fundraising for real-life ministry. While fundraising can be an embarrassing, burdensome chore for some; Bill Dillon exhorts ministry leaders to recognize God’s activity among his people from the beginning of the process to the end. I recommend this book to church planters, missionaries, and ministry leaders of all types.”

Ed Stetzer, LifeWay Research

“When I led a mission organization that depended upon candidates raising their financial support, we found People Raising to be the best resource on the market. Bill Dillon has a skillful way to motivate, train and inspire people to overcome the natural fears associated with fundraising so they can accomplish the ministry God has given to them. Filled with practical tips and coaching, this book will challenge and sharpen the perspective of anyone who dares to read it. I highly commend it!”

Paul Nyquist, Ph.D., President Moody Bible Institute

“I have a lot of things in common with my friend Bill Dillon…including the significant enterprise of fundraising. Despite all the goblins that haunt our heads and hearts about raising money, I still have to face the fact that “president” is Latin for fundraising! It’s the one thing that focuses ultimately on the leader and the organization rises and or falls on the capacity of the prez to do it well. Casting the vision is easy…raising the money to move the vision forward is the hard work. So, thanks to Bill for liberating us from our shackling fears and setting us free to successfully encourage people to do something worthwhile with their money!”

Dr. Joseph M. Stowell, President, Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“As a person who has given 30 years of his life to raising funds for Christian ministries, I have to say Bill Dillon has done more for raising personal support than anyone I know. This book is essential reading for anyone who feels called to ministry, period. This book will provide a biblical basis, a sound strategy and practical examples of how to approach the joy of sharing ministry. After all, as Bill so clearly states, the support you are asking for is not about you, it’s to advance the kingdom. The greatest benefit in giving goes to those who give. So, using this book you will learn to ask freely, in confidence and faith, knowing that the Lord of the universe is the provider.”

Doug Shaw, Chairman/CEO Douglas Shaw & Associates, Fundraising Counsel

“Bill Dillon digs from decades of experience, and has brilliant insight into the world of raising funds. It’s entertaining, educational, and well worth your time.”

Dan Cole, Creative Arts Pastor,

The book is good.
The training is excellent.
Bill’s passion and experience are powerful.
Stop “fundraising” and start “People Raising.”

Dr. George Johnson, Executive Director, Christian Evangelistic Association

“Bill Dillon faithfully serves ministry leaders through his book People Raising and the principles taught in it. While God-centered ministries need to fully understand the art of raising funds, God’s people also need to joyfully give as an act of their faith and obedience. I recommend this resource for leaders and laymen alike who wish to better understand how to do so.”

Wess Stafford, President and CEO, Compassion International

“At Stadia we always recommend Bill Dillon and the tried and true teaching of People Raising. Our goal is to plant 100 churches a year. People Raising will make this possible.”

Thomas F. Jones Jr., Executive Director, Stadia: Together We Will


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