Overcome Objections, Get a Meeting with the Donor

Overcome Objections, Get a Meeting with the DonorAs you seek fund raising appointments, there are 3 common objections you will encounter. You must be prepared to handle these or you might never get your appointment to ask for funds for your ministry.

As you seek appointments, count on the fact that individuals will have objections. Handling those objections can be the hardest part of raising funds. Getting past them is essential.

You deal with objections in two steps:

A: Respond to the objection. It is real in the mind of the prospect.

B: Ask for the appointment again.

Here are 3 common objections and how you can respond.

Objection #1: “I am too busy to meet with you.”

Part A: Respond to the objection: “I can understand that you are extremely busy. But I would be happy to have just twenty minutes of your time so I can tell you about the burden and vision the Lord has given me.”

Part B: Ask for the appointment again: “How about twenty minutes next Wednesday or Friday?”

Objection #2: “I am already giving to other individuals or organizations. There really is no need for us to meet.”

(I love to meet with people who already love to give. If they catch my vision and passion, many of them will find a way to give. Don’t be discouraged by the over-committed donor. Your natural response is to agree that perhaps he is too committed to help. However, I would rather speak to an over-committed donor than to a non-donor who has never experienced the joy of giving.

Recognize that the stronger your relationship with a prospect, the easier it will be to get an appointment. Those who have little relationship with you will be harder. But you must insist on meeting people one-on-one! Don’t take a shortcut by asking for a financial commitment over the phone.)

Part A: Respond to the objection: “I can understand that, but I am anxious to update you on what the Lord has been doing in my life and my plans for the future.”

Part B: Ask for the appointment again: “I would love the opportunity to meet with you. Would Monday next week be good, or would Wednesday be better?”

Objection #3: “Is this about finances?”

Part A: Respond to the objection: “I really want to tell you about the vision the Lord has given me and explain some details of the work to which the Lord has called me. I certainly will be prepared to share some of the opportunities for prayer and financial involvement but the meeting is more than money.”

Part B: Ask for the appointment again: “How does Tuesday or Thursday look on your schedule?”


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