The 48 Hour Rule

The 48-Hour RuleAs you ask for funds, I guarantee you that you will find those who want to pray or take more time to make a decision regarding your request. The next step on your part is follow-up.

When it comes to follow up, you better know about the 48 hour rule. It has been my experience over 40 years of fund raising that follow-up done on a timely basis can make a huge difference in your fund raising efforts. As I’ve trained thousands of people through People Raising, I like to give a benchmark. That’s where the 48 hour rule comes in. I would plan to follow up in 48 hours. This gives people sufficient time to pray and consider your request for funds.

As you apply the 48 hour rule and a follow up date is agreed upon by your prospect or donor, you have just reduced the anxiety on your part as to what is the next step. Your next step is very obvious. You both have agreed to the fact that you would be placing a call 48 hours later.

If the 48 hour rule is not applied and no step was really set, you find yourself in an awkward position. Should I call? Or shouldn’t I call? Did they know what I’d requested? Or maybe they didn’t? These doubts in your mind cause you to hesitate to pick up the phone and place the call; however, if you apply the 48 hour rule, your call is very simple because you both agreed to the next step being a return phone call on your part.

One more thing. As you call, remind them on the dollar amount that you had challenged them to consider. This is critical. They might have forgotten and their response could be much lower than you anticipated or they might have made a decision and then hearing once again the dollar amount with what you challenged them could possibly raise their vision and their gift.

The 48 hour rule is easy; it’s simple and makes a huge difference.

God bless you as you continue to raise funds for kingdom work.

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