Troubleshooting Phoning for Appointments

Troubleshooting Phoning for AppointmentsIf you are ever going to raise ministry funds it is critical that you get the appointment with your prospect or donor. Anyone seeking to get appointments will need training on troubleshooting on phoning for appointments

Missionary Aviation Fellowship has provided the following analysis of causes and solutions of low areas in support raising.

Low Area: Few calls made

  • Possible Cause: Laziness
  • Solution: Pray for enthusiasm about the opportunity to help others become a part of your ministry. Start moving and trusting God for the results.
  • Possible Cause: Lack of contacts to call
  • Solution: Ask each of your contacts for referrals. Stimulate a prospective donor’s thinking by asking for names of members of his Sunday school class or if he has a church directory he will go through with you. That may give you thirty to forty contacts.
  • Possible Cause: Fear
  • Solution: Pray for courage. Remind yourself that you are doing potential donors a great favor to give them the opportunity to become a part of a people-changing ministry. Set definite times to sit at the phone and make calls.

Low Area: Few people talked to

  • Possible Cause: Calling at bad times of the day
  • Solution: Most professionals are at home after supper (7:00–9:30 p.m.).
  • Possible Cause: Don’t know how to get to a spouse
  • Solution: Ask the husband or wife for the best time to catch the person also for an office or cell number. Check with a receptionist or personal assistant for the best time to catch him at the office.

Low Area: Few appointments set

  • Possible Cause: Not following prepared script
  • Solution: Start reading it!
  • Possible Cause: Not speaking with enthusiasm
  • Solution: Ask God to make you enthusiastic. Practice reading the script with enthusiasm. After reading it fifty times it may seem canned to you, but it is fresh for each contact.

Low Area: Appointments not being kept

  • Possible Cause: If a person does not show or forgets an appointment, you may not have sent a reminder or made the time clear.
  • Solution: Send a reminder email or letter, clearly stating appointment date, day, time, and place.
  • Possible Cause: If you forget a meeting or are late, you may not be keeping an accurate appointment book, or you are not leaving previous appointments soon enough.
  • Solution: Keep an accurate appointment book. Map your route the night before, so you know where to go, how to get there, and when to leave one appointment to get to your next one.

Remember: Few people will call you to set up an appointment. You are the one who needs to ask for their time. I assure you that you will enjoy connecting or reconnecting with people. It’s all about People Raising.

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