What Does A Good Ask Look Like?

What Does a Good Ask Look LikeAccording to a major donor I interviewed in the new and expanded version of People Raising, there are 5 things that make a good ask.

1. It has a one- or two-page summary document clearly outlining the reasons for the project and its benefits.

2. It includes information as to who the beneficiaries are and what they have done to help the project.

3. There is information on what the “insiders” (board, staff, community, etc.) are sacrificially doing for the project.

4. There is a clear ask that is reasonable and specific.

5. There is a definitely opportunity to say “No” without emotional consequences.

You can read my interview with this major donor on pages 185-188 in the new and expanded version of People Raising – you can order your personal copy here. Also check out quantity discounts for your staff.

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