Your Ask Was Too High… Now What?

Your Ask Was Too High... Now What?We all want to ask for high amounts for our ministries, but when your prospect or donor says your ask was too high, don’t close your presentation and head home. There is more work to be done. What do you say? Here are 2 ways to respond.

1. Lower the amount.

Don’t bring it down too low. For example, if you asked for a gift of $300 don’t come back and ask for $25. In this scenario, ask for $200.

Many times people feel more comfortable when you simply introduce a lower amount.

2. Extend the time for them to give the gift.

For example, you asked for a gift of $250 with hopes that they would give that gift immediately. You could come back and ask if they could give that amount by a specified date in the future. For example, 6 months later.

In both these cases:

You simply do not end the conversation because your ask was too high.

You are getting a gift that matches your donor’s expectations.

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