6 More Ways to Prepare for Your Appointment

Preparation is so very important when you plan for an appointment. Here are 6 more things to consider. 1. List of Projects The prospect may indicate to you that rather than give monthly, quarterly or annually, he or she would be interested in becoming a special-gift donor. Ahead of time, prepare a list of special,… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Prepare for Appointments

Goal – The goal of your meeting is to ask the prospect or donor to support you with their financial gifts and prayers. Therefore, it is important to be highly focused in your visit and move them to a decision. Be prepared to ask for a specific amount or a dollar range. Time – Your… Continue Reading

3 Questions To Help You Move To a “Yes”

When we make an ask for funds we always want people to respond by saying, “Yes.” Here are 3 Questions to help you move to a “Yes.” As you present your vision, it is important that you have your prospect respond by saying “Yes” through your presentation. There are 3 types of questions that you… Continue Reading

6 Reasons Your Donor’s Gift Never Arrived

All of us are dependent upon receiving contributions on a timely basis. When an anticipated gift does not arrive, there are at least 6 reasons why. Let’s stop a minute and consider why donors might have stopped giving. Lost a job Health issues Family issues Lost in the mail Forgot to send it in Organization… Continue Reading

Tracking your Donors – 5 Trends

As you track your donors, there are 5 trends you need to carefully monitor. A donor is giving exactly what they promised. A donor increased his or her pledge. A donor stopped giving. A donor decreased his or her giving. A donor gave a special gift beyond his or her pledged gift Every action on… Continue Reading

6 Steps to Guide Your Fund Raising Presentation

When you sit down for a fund raising presentation you have several questions that need to be answered. How do I begin? When do I talk about my financial goal? When do I ask for their support? Here are 6 effective steps. 1. Update on your life and their life. As you begin the meeting,… Continue Reading

7 Benefits for Raising Funds

Many people are given the assignment to raise funds, and yet the reality is they have never raised funds before. So it is fair to ask the question “Why raise financial support?” I want to unveil for you the benefits of raising funds, and there are many. Maybe you are considering missionary service or church… Continue Reading

The 3 P’s of Fund Raising

Any effective fund raiser needs to consistently practice these 3 key things if he or she ever wants to be successful in raising funds for ministry. The 1st P is PERSISTENCE In fund raising, it is far too easy to give up. You place a phone call seeking an appointment, and after several attempts you… Continue Reading

3 Ways to Learn More about Your Donors

It has been my experience that we can be far more focused on ourselves and our ministry, and fail to learn more about our prospects and donors. Here are 3 things you can do to overcome this. Listen It has been my experience that I do far more talking about me and my ministry and simply… Continue Reading

3 Ways to Avoid the NO

As a person raising funds we never want to hear the word NO. Here are 3 ways to avoid the NO. Example #1: Word your questions so as to avoid the answer NO. For example, you are trying to get an appointment and instead of saying: “Are you interested in meeting?” Ask: “Would next week… Continue Reading