Enhance Your Fundraising Skills in 2015

As you start a new year I want to offer 3 suggestions to enhance your fund raising skills in 2015. Here are 3 books that will make you an even better fund raiser: I am fully convinced that if we are to be successful in raising funds your focus has to be on your prospectContinue Reading

4 Reasons to Not Neglect Your Donors

It is critical that you keep your donors. None of us can afford to lose a donor. Here are 4 reasons why you do not want to neglect your donors. If you neglect your donors: They will find another place to invest—out of sight, out of mind. They will not consider your ministry a priority.Continue Reading

Two Insights in Thanking Your Donors

As I teach the two-day People Raising conferences, I often say, “I am here not only to help you get your funds, but keep your support.” I believe a key reason why donors will continue to give to you and your ministry is they are being thanked and feel appreciated. A number of years agoContinue Reading

3 Key Fund Raising Practices

It is so easy to get caught up in fund raising and miss some of the best practices. Here are 3 key practices. 1. Do not take the giving decision away from your prospects and donors. In my early days of fund raising, I made decisions for prospects and donors. In some cases I neverContinue Reading

Troubleshooting Phoning for Appointments

If you are ever going to raise ministry funds it is critical that you get the appointment with your prospect or donor. Anyone seeking to get appointments will need training on troubleshooting on phoning for appointments Missionary Aviation Fellowship has provided the following analysis of causes and solutions of low areas in support raising. LowContinue Reading

3 Steps in Closing the Ask

Step 1 – Ask for the gift. Remember the number one reason why people do not give is because they are not asked. As I ask for the gift, I ask for a specific amount or ask in a range and by all means I like to raise people’s vision and challenge them high. IfContinue Reading

Ten Seconds of Silence

We all know one of the major reasons why people give is because they are asked! You have just asked for the gift, you might have asked for a specific amount or in a range, but what follows is extremely critical. It is what I refer to as the “ten seconds of silence.” You haveContinue Reading

Making a Good Ask

As you engage in fund raising (People Raising), one of the most important questions that needs to be answered is, “What does a good ask look like?” To learn the answer to this important question, I asked a major donor and this is what I learned: It has a one- or two-page summary document clearlyContinue Reading

5 Components to Getting Appointments

People Raising is all about engaging with people one on one. Before that can take place you have to secure the appointment. There are 5 components to getting appointments. Making the call Asking for the appointment Handling objections Asking for the appointment again Confirming the appointment If you are having trouble getting appointments, a goodContinue Reading

Overcome Objections, Get a Meeting with the Donor

As you seek fund raising appointments, there are 3 common objections you will encounter. You must be prepared to handle these or you might never get your appointment to ask for funds for your ministry. As you seek appointments, count on the fact that individuals will have objections. Handling those objections can be the hardestContinue Reading