Never Neglect These 4 Keys

There are times when we concern ourselves with the latest and greatest in fund raising, and fail to focus on these 4 keys. 1. Adding Prospects You always need to be looking for new prospects. In fund raising it is a never ending task. If you are going to expand your vision you will need… Continue Reading

5 Donor Trends

As you review the actual giving of each of your donors, you will notice 5 trends. A donor is giving exactly what they promised. A donor increased his or her pledge. A donor stopped giving. A donor decreased his or her giving. A donor gave a special gift beyond his or her pledged gift. Every… Continue Reading

4 Shortcuts to Avoid in Your Fund Raising

Experience has taught me that taking shortcuts in fund raising can be costly. Here are 4 shortcuts you need to avoid. It is important that you have your fund raising philosophy well thought out and your plan in place. The problem comes when you start taking shortcuts. Here are four examples you need to avoid:… Continue Reading

3 Key Donor Expectations

We live in a world where expectations abound, and they greatly matter. Do you know the expectations of your donors? Here are 3 key donor expectations. 1. Vision I think it is so easy to go on automatic when raising ministry funds. We readily make our list of needs: “We need this ____and this ____… Continue Reading

Action to Take After Your Appointment

After conducting your appointment there are some very critical next steps you need to take. If you indeed want to build a relationship with your prospect or donor it is critical that you record information you were able to glean from your visit. This will be invaluable in future contact and building that relationship. Immediately… Continue Reading

The Best Way to Ask for Referrals

As a fund raiser, you are always looking for referrals, but there is a right way to ask. Most people requesting referrals get caught up in the general ask instead of being more specific. As you ask for referrals, make it your goal to help your donors think through their networks. Usually a general ask… Continue Reading

4 Top Reasons to Re-Solicit Your Current Donors

There are times when looking for more funds we find ourselves frustrated not knowing where to turn. We often look for new sources to tap into when right in front of us are existing donors. Here are the top 4 reasons why you need to re-solicit your current donors. 1. You might have donors whose… Continue Reading

2 Fundraising Problems to Avoid

Developing an effective fundraising strategy is the key. There are 2 fundraising problems you must avoid. Most fundraising systems have two major problems—and both violate the People Raising principles. The first problem is what I call “the shotgun approach.” Eager to raise support, the fundraiser rushes off in every direction. He or she looks through… Continue Reading