People Raising Conferences

What people are saying about the People Raising Conferences:

“Bill Dillon’s simple and practical principles of People Raising allowed us to raise $5,000 per month in just 120 days! Thanks for helping us get to the field in record time!”

Gregory and Melissa Griesemer
Avant Ministries

“An amazing thing happened after we attended the People Raising Conference and began using People Raising. Our staff using the People Raising materials were reaching full support! To date–we have placed 5 new staff on the field in less than 12 months. My husband also attended the Advanced Conference.

These are invaluable conferences in support development. The return on the investment is noticeable and fast. Praise God for a system that is biblical and encouraging!”

Kristen A. McHargue
New Staff Coordinator
Reign Ministries Inc.”

“We started to raise our funds immediately after returning from the April Conference. We needed to raise about $75,000 for our personal, ministry and start-up expenses. Now just over 4 months later we are within a couple hundred dollars from making our goal and expect to be there by the end of this week. Your training gave us better tools to help people do what I believe is God’s plan for supporting missionaries. Again, thank you for your insightful training and we look forward to seeing you in one of the future Conferences.”

Chuck and Dawn Newell
Dayspring Outreach Ministries

“You are an excellent coach and motivator… if you could bottle your passion and enthusiasm for building God’s kingdom, we would all take a daily dose for sure!”

Tim Conti
Regional Director
Champions For Life

“At the Conference I became increasingly aware that we must assign trained coaches to work with our missionaries. I am convinced this will reduce their fear and help them apply the People Raising principles.”

Dale Dorothy
World Gospel Mission

“The People Raising Ministry fills a need in modern missions-it’s great now! I look forward to future development and expansion.”

Steve Cofer
Mobilization Coordinator
World Missions Ministries IPHC

“Bill’s heart is selfless and his principles are timeless.”

Dr. Eldred Kelley,
Southeast regional Director
World Gospel Mission

“We are considering sending all of our regional representatives to the next Conference.”

David Overstreet
Assistant Director of Field Ministries
National Network of Youth Ministries

“Thanks for the Conference – it needs to be done again and again.”

Don Callison
Director of Campus Ministries
Gospel Missionary Union