3 Fatal Fundraising Mistakes

3 Fatal Fundraising Mistakes

I meet some people raising funds who seem to be spinning wheels and not going very far. They may have fallen into 3 Fatal Fundraising Mistakes.

1. Failing to ask.

People Raising is all about building relationships and growing relationships but there comes a time when you need to ask for financial support.

It certainly is necessary that you share your calling, your vision, your financial goals but reciting those things alone will not bring in the needed funds. You need to ask.

Never forget that if you never ask, the answer will always be no.

2. Failing to follow up.

In real estate, there is one word that is very critical which is location, location, location.

In fundraising, one of the critical words is follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.

When people say they want to prayerfully consider supporting you or your organization there is an additional step that you need to take and that is follow-up.

Many lose the opportunity of a gift by simply failing to follow up.

3. Failing to thank people.

You’ve asked for a financial gift and they have agreed to support you. They’ve done exactly what you asked them to do and now that requires a thank you on your part.

In People Raising, we say this:

  • Say thank you.
  • Say thank you immediately.
  • Say thank you in writing.

Whether email, text, letter or thank you note it is critical to always show your appreciation.

If you don’t show your appreciation for their gift they might wonder if:

  • You received the gift.
  • Needed the gift.
  • Appreciate your gift.

Unfortunately, I have seen occasions where individuals have lost their support over this very issue.

The Lord bless you in your efforts.