4 Shortcuts to Avoid

4 Shortcuts to Avoid

Experience has taught me that taking shortcuts in fund raising can be costly. It is important that you have your fund raising philosophy well thought out and your plan in place. The problem comes when you start taking shortcuts.

Here are four common shortcuts you need to avoid:

Example #1 “I think my prospect list is just fine; there is really no need to add to it.”

Concern: You never stop building your list. Existing donors can stop or reduce their giving. You can’t depend upon past performance.

Example #2 “I really feel uncomfortable about making appointments and sitting down with people. I think I will send a letter instead.”

Concern: People need to know you, sense your heart and your passion. That does not begin to come out through a letter. Buy up the opportunity where possible and practical to sit down with people. There simply is no substitute.

Example #3 “My friends certainly know of my financial need. I really don’t think there is a need to follow-up.”

Concern: Busy people have a lot on their plate and many things on their agenda. Your request can soon be forgotten. A call, a simple reminder can bring your request to the top of the list. I will guarantee you that if you follow up, you will see some significant things take place.

Example #4 “I’m not going to ask for a particular amount or even ask in a range for a gift. I think that I will let them figure it out.”

Concern: Your prospects and donors need to know how they specifically can participate. They need to be challenged and their vision needs to be raised.