The Value of Establishing Deadlines

The Value of Establishing Deadlines

You set a deadline when you desire to have all your support raised. You set a deadline on funding a project, and then two things happen:

1. Deadlines create urgency and that motivates not only the donor to give and pray on your behalf but also motivates you to be proactive in your search for funds and dependent upon the Lord who has called you to accomplish His purposes.

2. Urgency calls for decisions. As you ask for critically needed funds with established deadlines, it takes your prospective donor or an existing donor out of the “Maybe we will think about helping you sometime” mode to this mindset: “We need to make a decision now so we can help our brother or sister in Christ who has been called by the Lord to accomplish this particular vision.”

Deadlines can be very powerful and I have watched some amazing things take place as people and ministries set deadlines. Maybe you need to review the vision the Lord has given you. Keep in mind that it is not your vision but the Lord’s agenda you need to accomplish.

What specific deadlines do you need to establish this month? Prayerfully set them in place and move out and ask those people that know you, that trust you and that care for you to support and pray for you as you serve the Lord.